North Texas Motorcycle Challenge


The Skilled Motorcycle Riders Association invites all active motor officers, retired motor officers and qualified civilians, on ANY model motorcycle of 1000 cc's or more, to participate in the North Texas Motorcycle Challenge.

Rodeos have long been tradition for motor officers to display their skills and compete against officers in other departments for bragging rights, all to raise money for local charities.  

For more than a decade, hundreds of civilian riders from across the country have met up in mall parking lots or abandoned markets every week, setting up patterns and riding their own bikes in an effort to become better riders.  We believe that skilled riders are safer riders.

We’ve attended the Motor officer events to shag cones or judge patterns, all in an attempt to learn from some of the best riders in the country.  Many of these civilian riders have been mentored by some of the most skillful and competitive motor officers in the country.  So naturally, over time, these civilians want to compete alongside the same officers they’ve watched and learned from.  

There are a few events across the country that welcome qualified civilian riders to compete with the Motor officers for bragging rights and our goal is to build a safe, fun, event in North Texas.